My husband is a CSA . He told me about this years ago. Last summer it came out that he had been exposing himself to women that we know. Apparently this has been going on for years and nobody told me until last year. Our sex life has been dwindling for years and we have seen a ton of doctors to figure out why. Of course he could have an erection for the women he exposed himself to but could hardly ever get one with me. I understand that this problem is about the CSA, but I still feel neglected. He and I are both in separate therapy, which is helping, but there has been almost no closeness in our marriage for about 12 of our 15 years of being married. The no intimacy part is killing me!!! I have suggested just trying to get reacquainted with each other with no sexual ending. I can't even get him to try this. Can any survivor out there give me any tips that may help us?