??possible trigger warning????
Hello all, The main problem I am having is that I still need to see my abuser/brother rather frequently at family functions and we interact like nothing sexual ever went on although he sexually molested me for years then moved on to my sister for an even longer time unbeknownst to me. As much as I hate him for what he did to me, I get along with him for the sake of my parents and our kids and wives etc. When I think of what he did to my sister, I get absolutely disgusted and angry and want to attack him physically. I only found out it happened to her too when she had a child and I told her to never leave him alone with our brother. She then confided in me that he had also molested and raped her for years beyond the time I had told him to stop the sexual stuff with me. My wife feels that I should let my parents know about what their son did to us, I refuse because I now it will break their hearts, and my father might kill him. My main concern is that there are a lot of young children in our family now and I do not trust him around any of them, except for his own. I do not know what I should do, can it be possible that since he is no longer a teenager there is no need to worry, or should I be screaming from the rooftops what a disgusting predator he was and very still may be