I was at a family function yesterday and my brother brought up an interesting and rather disturbing item. He said that when he was in high school, his assistant basketball coach was having a sexual relationship with a member of the girls' basketball team. The girl readily admitted it. He said it was common knowledge on the players on both teams. My brother said that he's confident other teachers and the school administration knew about it, but there's no proof.

This is very disturbing to think that everyone knew about it, but no one thought to report it. It would be hard to keep that secret. No parent ever complained, no teacher lodged a complaint, and no player ever brought it up to their respective families. The last point is rather weak, I realize and I'm not sure it's the kids' responsibilities to report it. But the teachers and parents should have said something if they knew.

There is no justification for a teacher/coach to be involved with a sexual relationship with a student/athlete. That teacher should have been fired immediately. Instead, he's been working for over 25 years at this school.
This is a sad commentary on the state of affairs regarding abuse.