So much hate in one person. Just short of actually killing and torturing people I would rank him up there with other megalomaniacs such as hitler and stalin. The hate that came forth from that person and who led a few high level haters in his cabinet and spewed down hate to a generation of followers just as hitler brought up a generation of haters through his youth programs, this hateful, vile person tried to do the same thing and we are so lucky he was not able to succeed.

I think it is very hard to compare someone to the atrocities of people like Hitler and Stalin but I am not trying to compare the atrocities but the hate behind them. It is very possible to compare the hate that spewed from all their mouths.

With the help of politicians, activists, most Americans and the Patriot Guard Riders he was basically shut down and with it I hope his cult followers also follow suit. I do not wish anyone of them dead but their existence is really worthless, unacceptable to civilized populations and totally irrelevant.

There is no love loss of love for this kind of trash. I think this quote sums up my feelings.

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