Hey ThisMan,

Thank you for sharing with me your story and thank you for your kind words. I am so sorry to read about what you had to endure again when you were 50. I really do feel for you and I am saddened that it's just been so devastating and crippling- and it is quite understable why it would be!! I'm also mortified by these therapists you have encountered and their reactions. I cannot think of anyone who would say that- who are these people? Are they qualified to work with sexual trauma survivors? I'd imagine my personal therapist would have a much different approach. I think it is pertinent that you find professionals who know what they are doing and not re-traumatizing you.

Don't forget about the progress that you had made earlier in your life. Use that as your motivation in recovery and know that it is possible to attain that level of consciousness again. I don't know if you have ever read this or been told this, but often survivors of childhood sexual abuse are more likely to be sexually victimized again as adults. Perhaps you can see this as something that while extremely unfortunate, is not all that unique to you as a survivor and it is indeed something that we survivors are most qualified to overcome.

The abuse you endured by a medical professional is a huge matter and I know that licencing and monitoring bodies which oversee physicians in North America usually take allegations of sexual assault into serious consideration. Whether or not you choose to report it, there should be resources available for you which specifically tackle this kind of abuse. Also what resources and supports have you found for male ASA?

I know it is hard, but look how strong you have been already! Don't give up hope!

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