We know that sexual abuse is: unwanted or inappropriate physical, visual, verbal, or psychological interaction, that is perpetrated by either gender, of any age. (from BCSMSSA website. See:http://bc-malesurvivors.com/)

So what is sexual health anyways?

Iíve been struggling with this one because it would seem that 99% of the culture around me is unhealthy to me. There is little depth to it and an abundance of fear particularly when it comes to touch and communicating and setting healthy boundaries. It seems that all that is wanted by the people around me is some kind of prison based on the high that reproductive drives can produce. So my version of health for me is severely isolating. Iím struggling with it because my vision of health includes interacting with people in a more than purely superficial way. I'm very sad about my failure to create this around me. I've tried hard for many years.

Attitudinal Healing would suggest that health is inner peace and healing is letting go of fear. ďLetting go of fearĒ is Love in my understanding. Fear of aloneness and abandonment is a very strong one in my world and yet it seems to be what I have to face given my sensitivity to and intolerance of sexual politics. Iíve been told so many times about approaches to healing that would likely be healing for me, and yet are basically unavailable to me at this point in time. I canít tell you how frustrating and painful that can be!

When I delve into the chakra system, I see elements of inner peace there. The first chakra would be about getting attached neither to life nor death but remaining the witnessing consciousness that apparently transcends both. Second chakra is about experiencing both pain and pleasure again without attachment to either. I see this as taking an interest in sensation regardless of its quality. Third chakra is about aligning my personal will with the will of the whole. That is neither fighting what seems to be inevitable nor suppressing my own desires. Its about seeing myself as an equal part of equal value to other parts of the whole of existence. Thatís as far as Iíve got.

Both of these approaches to health I can explore on my own and include physical sensations and emotion. Both can be applied to sexual health.

What do you guys think? What's your version of health? Have you found a healthy sense of community beyond this forum? If so how did you create it?



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