Life outside the box
March 24, 2014 at 6:05am
By Nathan Tice

The world wants to forces you into a box where you can not hear God speak to you. Inside this box you are closed off from God ,only able to hear the value system of the world and what the world has to say . Things like you should be this,you should be that, you need to do this or that. Where as God says stay outside the box so that you can hear my voice. Religion wants to ensnare you and put you in a box with rules and regulations following it's own value system led usually by new idea's and a new way of doing thing's and how to do them in a specific way 5 ways to become this or 10 ways that will change everything. You need to read the bible like this or you need to be baptized like that. Where as God wants us outside the box so that we can hear him and the leading and guiding that can only comes by him and through him. Do not replace Jesus with whatever you want to place in this role.

God has a plan and purpose for everyone's life and we are to live out what God places in your heart regardless of the religious system or world wants. Attending a church believing the walls within it is the church. YOU are the church. Do not put yourself in a box thinking that is the only way to grow or worship. Fellowship is needed but do not get convinced that it only happens in a building. Do not think that others do not have the same spirit that can do what you can do . The spirit is intelligent and knows what to do and how to do and more importantly when to do. God's leading surely does not amount to being chained to a building where people think if they do not attend they will not grow. We are called to take the word everywhere. We are to be more than a Christian on Sunday we are called to be Christian 24/7 everyday everywhere. We are to obey the prompting of the spirit . Jesus did not have a building he met at he wondered and spoke and taught everywhere. The church is movable because we are the church.

We created the box we attend ritually. We created the box that says this is how you worship we are to worship everyday all day through our love through our obedience. I am not saying do not attend church but do not make it a box, thinking this is what you must do or thinking this is the only way. Church should be happening on your job in a super market or wherever you are . The building will still function if you are not there because others have the holy spirit. Jesus did not call everyone to plant church buildings or attend them he called us to be the church . There is no set way to walk with Jesus ,this creates a box mentality way of thinking otherwise. God is so much bigger than everything .You can not put him in a box no matter how hard you try and he does not want us in a box either.He meets people where they are in their lives.

Do you realize that people try to put God's word in a box making such claims as "this scripture means this" or "this is how to to interpret this scripture". The word of God is so powerful and so grand that a scripture can mean many different things to different people because everyone is in a different place in their life. Depending on where a person is in their God journey and where their faith is a scripture can mean so many different things and yet still be truth. There is no one set way to read scripture . This would be putting the word of God in a box. Do not get me wrong i am not saying interpret the bible any way you want but I do believe when you are seeking you will find what God wants to reveal to you. An example is , I read one scripture and the spirit interpreted to me and it says "no greater love than this ,to lay down your life for your brother. This scripture was coupled by the spirit ,. "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me" Now by laying down my life by denying myself and picking up my cross and dyeing daily than I will save my brothers life by exhibiting Christ by sharing my faith thus saving his life by exposing him to the saving power of the gospel . Now this initial scripture of no greater love than this, than to lay down your life for your brother may be interpreted in a different way to someone else and some will only read it in complete context, but this is what the spirit of God revealed to me because this has aided me on my God journey in ways that has motivated me to live that interpretation out. Now that I have shared this it might aide someone else on their journey because they have never thought of it this way and it is because the spirit did not reveal it this way to them. This is just one example of living outside the box even as far as scripture.

This also is not the only way to find direction from God . The word of God is not the tell all end all . God is limitlessness , you can find God in a book, in a song, in nature ,through people. Whatever way God chooses to give revelation. There are many things i have read outside the bible that have fed me spiritually because i was seeking and i found. It is not always necessarily in the bible. You may get something out of this and you may interpret it differently than someone else will. Some might not like it and some will , all I do know is that everyone style does not fit every body.

Outside the box is really listening and obeying the holy spirit wherever when ever regardless. Because his ways are higher and better than anything we can fathom. God desires us to be anti world system he steers us away from this system if we obey. The spirit is the very nature of God in us. Our hearts our conscious has his laws written there. We can obey it or ignore it. No matter what we think of someone or their actions we are to love them and treat them as we want to be treated. This is outside the box this is outside the way we want to react .

Everything Christ did was outside the box I mean come on love your enemy and pray for those who do wrong to you,this is completely outside the box . We need to be available to God . We need to stop trying to be the author of our day . When we wake up everyday and let God be the authoring force behind everything than we will be able to live outside the box. The key is to live outside the box when something does not align with what God places in your heart examine why and do not pursue the shackles that will inevitably follow after ignoring the uneasiness and the warning system God has placed in us all. There are teachers that are teaching even though God has not placed within their hearts a passion to teach .There are doctors in which they do not have the gift of healing and yet because they chose to follow the world and its value system it ultimately placed them in a box instead of relying and seeking the value system of God which is LIFE outside the box .

I am seeking and I am finding . The things that I find at this point in my life might not necessarily be what you are seeking, therefore seek and ask God what he would have you find and follow the directions that he leads you in. I might ultimately be the means in which God uses for you to find what you may be seeking or vice versa. When you are seeking , God will always send someone or use something so that you may find. We are all instruments to be used by God. He may use me to help you get to the next level in your life he might use you to help me get to the next level in my life but the thing is , is neither one of us get to decide where the levels should be or where they should end.You may be in someone's life for a specific reason and we are only supposed to influence them to a certain degree plant a seed or two . It is not so much about converting people trying to trick them into believing what you believe as much as it is treating and loving your neighbor as you would want to be loved and treated. When we have the love of Christ in us it is that spirit that draws them into conversion. We must not force what God clearly gives us a choice in deciding, which is to follow him or not. You cannot go around cramming the love of Christ down peoples throats. If a person does not want to hear you share your faith then we are to simply dust our feet and move on. The little bit of faith which you have shared does not return void. Look at it this way the faith that you were able to share could be just a step in the process.

Every person we meet we need to use discernment to figure out why are paths have crossed and as long as we are exhibiting love and allowing the love of Christ to shine through us this is what ultimate leads and draws people to Christ .We will have to rely on the leading and guiding , the listening to your heart , the spirit within when it no longer is joyous or good when that uneasy uncertainty feeling comes back then we know it is time to consult God and seek to go to the next level . Instead of staying on the same path that we know deep down is wrong. When we decide to listen and follow the prompting of the Spirit ,that moving that knowing the interacting voice which always leads us in the right direction, it is only then will we be placed on the path we should be on but usually we ignore it we ignore the uneasiness the warning system and end up on the wrong path and if we continue on ignoring and living in rebellion, the wrong path can ultimately become your destiny .

The difference between the one that stays on the wrong path and the one that is able to navigate off of the wrong path back onto the right path boils down to no longer ignoring the spirit but choosing to follow the directions at all cost and do not be surprised if it involves staying outside the box. Allowing God's plan and purpose to unfold in your life instead of following your own ambition and following the worldly system is so rewarding and peaceful. Living this life with ambition and following the worldly system of doing things is stressful unfulfillable and chaotic because of the box that traps us keeping us away from God's will plan and purpose for our lives.

Do not worry about what people think about you and the way you are choosing to live your life for him. Jesus did not care about the way he chose to live outside of the box and unwilling to change his life or lifestyle to appease the masses. You must not care either because life is bigger than you and me there is a bigger picture at hand .Jesus saw the bigger picture and kept his focus on doing and living the will of God . Jesus listen to the spirit he did not allow others to put him in a box because he knew there was a bigger plan and purpose that was the cross that which would come to effect the greatest amount of people not just pleasing himself chasing after ambition . By choosing to live outside the box this world and people try to force upon you , God will use you for his plan and purpose which involves him using you in such ways that will effect the greatest amount of people for his glory but in the process of doing so he will glorify you ,just as he says he will do for those he has predestined . It is not important to argue your faith .

Do not argue your faith but express it through and with love. Do not argue , there is no reason or point because we have already won the argument because It is impossible to loose following Christ. You will do more damage arguing you can push away instead of just allowing the encounter to rest on their mind. You do not even have to defend your actions for following Christ .Christ neither argued nor defended his faith he was only worried about doing the will of God. This should be our focus this should be what is our concern.()2014
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