Just introducing myself. I was amazed reading through this forum and it has already strengthened my resolve to continue to take control of my life back.

After 42 years of silence I finally gave video testimony to Police last week regarding a teacher in 1971. I was blown away by that experience. A lot of pent up emotion.

I had kept this to myself until my Mother passed a couple of years ago and shared it with my brother. I could not let my Mother share in this pain, it would have killed her.

It has been difficult to learn that this person assaulted other young boys in the intervening decades. We know of at least two others but as I am learning there are likely many more. I am still sorting through guilt feelings for that.

Now I wait to hear from Police to see if he is dead or alive. And then I may be confronting this person for the first time in decades. Lots of unknowns but I do know this- I am now in control of the "Dark Passenger" that has haunted me and that has to be for the better.