I am trying to understand what you mean by " compulsive" Which before I incorrectly and ironically first spell "cumpulsive" , sometimes puns just present themselves.

I was in a SAA group for a while and one guy masturbated about 5 times a day. That's pretty compulsive. So he went to group 5 nights a week and sometimes in the day too in an effort to stop. That's really compulsive.

The reason i ask if its ok to ask is - is it the amount of times your masturbating that feels compulsive or the subject matter of your thoughts that has you concerned?

Masturbation is normal of course for many mammals. As has been stated, MB is problematic if its keeping you from things you have to do. You sort of allude to feelings of stress relief with MB although later you talk about the diff between sex with a man and woman. Just to help understand, Is it that you are MB to thoughts of sex with a man that gives you relief yet has you feeling like this is the "Last Hurdle" to overcome ?

To paraphrase the best definition of "compulsive" i know of is that a thing( MB, risky sex, gambling, porn, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gaming, (all the good verbs - I can't help myself sometimes) becomes compulsive is when you have to give yourself a PERMISSION STATEMENT in your head cuz you already know its not right for you and you have exceeded what your original intent was. i.e. betting the farm or MB'ing to the point of rawness.

cheers and thanks for sharing

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