Shame can only be felt by those with a capacity for connection and empathy, so the GOOD NEWS is you are not a sociopath!

Shame is the feeling we put on ourselves you are so correct. But your parents , perp and societal expectations are external. ITs how you ( we all) deal with it. Especially for survivors, Taking on that shame is something we don't realize we have a choice NOT TO OWN.

Shame is the warm wash we all feel that flushes our face and squeezes our Heart. I know for all men, the first default is the we feel shame when? When we show weakness or feel weakness. What bullshit. A true man shows vulnerability. Just as you have. A warrior going into a battle who feels fear is a hero, one who feels nothing is the fool.

This is the path to get over the Shame. As you are embracing, show vulnerability. Unabashedly and without Apology.

Shame lives in secrets, kept from ourselves and from others we care about and love. That soul blackening tape in our heads stops when that recording is no longer for our ears only. It won't survive. You are already living your answer.

You are a hero in this battle!

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The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011