For me, there is something wrong with masturbation. It causes and caused me to "stay inside myself"...and to learn to bury my emotions. My compulsive behavior became a substitute for learning to live life....maybe not where you are but definitely what I have just discovered about myself. Please feel welcome to share anytime. Not sure how long I will stay on this site...but thank you for your response.

Yep, get that totally. I know a lot of people take the, no big deal, nothing wrong with it, stance, and if that's how it is for them, then good for them. But for me, well it's pretty much what you posted there. Keeps me from dealing with the causes of the fears, and stress, and anxiety. Keeps me stuck. Keeps me isolated. Realistically, it only happens when I'm not in a healthy place, the thoughts and fantasies that accompany it testify to that, so if it's happening all the time... well what does that say about where I am currently?