Hello Room--Here is what I need some help with: I was molested somewhere between the ages of 12 -14..groomed I find out now is the term then taken advantage of. I trusted this guy, he was my teacher. You all will know what happens then with emotions...at least to mine. And being an adolescent at the time...wow!

After years of therapy and pondering all the thoughts my fellow guys in this room have shared, I believe I finally know the last hurdle I need to tackle. I am a compulsive masturbator...as bad as that sounds, that is how my story sorta started and now, where it needs to end. I am looking for a group in this forum, or just another guy, who may understand where I am. I have now used masturbation as an escape from my emotions even to the point of doing it for no physical pleasure just a mental stress relief. If you think I am in the wrong survivor site, please let me know. Sex with men has been just that, a sexual relief. Sex with women is love making to me. There is a difference. And I know this is my last hurdle. I just know it. Any one out there understand?