Well I am happy to report that my H has been back on his meds for 2 weeks now and is seeing his T again He really seems to be taking it seriously and has even started to open up to me again about his CSA which I am so proud of him for. He has uncovered some repressed memories of more abuse these last 2 weeks by another uncle and it just breaks my heart that he has suffered so much without any acknowledgement from his family! They continue to ignore humans what he is going through and I am so angry at them I could just scream! On a positive, note , he confided in a friend that he has know for years about his abuse and it turns out that his friend also was abused as a child. I think it is great that he has now found another male that he can open up to and relate to with all the pain he is going through and see that he is normal and not just some damaged man. The problem I am still facing is that I am having a very hard time believing that he is now telling me the truth, there have been so many lies over the last 2 months, I'm not sure how to start believing him again, I want to trust him so much but I am also so scared that he is just manipulating me again. This is such a confusing time and I still deeply love the man that he is underneath all his pain