I am sorry for your son being a secondary victim of the abuse you lived. I hope your son finds his path in life and realizes what you did was courageous. You survived and are here for him.

Esposa, I love your comments how you found a positive in what you have lived. You gave your children the support and your husband the support needed to heal. Your taught your children well and no doubt you spoke positively of the work your husband has done to heal. You guided them well. You could have turned and belittled your husband and closed your mind but the kind and compassionate mother in you knew that would have been wrong--you would have alienated the children from their father and somewhere inside knew the abuse was not his fault and what happened was residual effects of the abuse. You gave your husband chances and it appears he accepted them. Congratulations to both of you and no doubt your children will be compassionate and kind as you have been during a difficult time.