Not sure where to post this but I need to discuss it. I'm 28, gay and a survivor of sexual abuse, bullying and my dad died when I was two. I recently graduated college where I made some great and not so great friends. I was very good friends with a female. She had a baby with an abusive loser. We were very close and I loved the baby like my own. he baby just turned a year Jan 26. He is the perfect baby, all smiles and just cries when hungry. He really cured my depression and I felt like I had a purpose in life. Flash forward some time a few weeks ago. I would try to see her and the baby as much as I could, I got really attached to him even though he isn't mine. Well here is the trouble. She started ignoring me and making excuses when she would otherwise always want to see me. It turns out someone from my support group was stalking my Facebook page and contacted her about how I was abused. She thinks I'm abusive. Now, I explained I would never hurt the baby, not even a thought in my mind. She kept ignoring me after I said how deeply hurt I am. I got a mutual friend to talk to her. Apparently she, he babys mother is just crazy. She believed whatever nonsense the person from my support group told her. I had thought we were very close and good friends. She knew I was gay and abused. Well it turns out she engages in some bad activities, steals and other stuff. The mutual friend told me the babys mother wants nothing to do with me and was never a friend to begin with. I'm very hurt over this cause I loved the baby and wanted to be there for him since his real dad is an abusive loser. I guess its over now and I need to move on