My wife and adult children quite quickly grasped that they are secondary victim / survivors to the sexual abuse that I endured as a child; as well as to the other forms of abuse that I was (read "am") subjected to by my biological family of origin.
Today this hit home even harder when listening to my son telling his sister and cousin that one of the reasons that he had been knocked back from joining his desired branch military service, at least partly, because of what was done to me as a child.
It would appear that he is regarded as some form of risk because I tried to terminate the ongoing pain that I was suffering when he was just 8 and that I have sought assistance from Psychiatric and Psychological services in my attempt to deal with the psychological damage that was inflicted on me over 4 decades ago.
The parent in me might be glad if he never becomes a statistic or a name on a wall of remembrance but the humanity in me cries out all the more that the official machinations of government would be better served in putting their efforts into preventing sexual child abuse rather than further alienating those who are most closely affected by it.
I endured all my yesterdays. I prevail in all of my todays. I exercise my right to be able to enjoy my tomorrows. I choose not to do it alone.