A man who knows just about more than anyone in the world about homosexuality ( in his words) SCOTT LIVELY visited UGANDA in 2009, to explain to them the cause of homosexuality. Here are the causes of homosexuality as related by the worlds leading authority on the subject. The following list is what causes people to "go into homosexuality".

First off, there are no homosexuals. Because they are been either male or female by birth and bits. So they turn to the people they are not supposed to mate with into the "CONDITION OF HOMOSEXUALITY THAT GOD CONDEMNS", due to the following factors in order of occurrence:
1. CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE - the highest percentage.
2. Gender Identity Confusion - your dad did not connect with you when you were trying to separate from you moms boob. So if your dad is an asshole, you can't and don't want to be like him so you "decide" at 18 months to try to be like mommy and therefore want to have sex with men. So then you think you were "born that way" and love lady gaga.
3. Rebel Against Authority - something "bad" has happened, i.e. parents divorced so you have a bad attitude and therefore act gay and enter into homosexual conduct to shock people.
So a pedophile sees your confusion and vulnerability and presto you are recruited into the homosexual lifestyle. So the GOOD NEWS is that these things that were acquired by environmental factors can be overcome. It is a LIE that gays are born that way because there has never been a definitive scientific study to show that homosexuality is innate. ( multiple studies, in many peer reviewed journals, have demonstrated multiple innate contributing factors, however there is no one gay gene marker, just as there is no one heterosexual gene.) This is true because everyone homo/lesbian he has met falls into one of these three categories.

Before he signed the Bill, the Ugandan president asked his "scientists' who confirmed there is no single genetic cause of homosexuality so therefore they are not born that way. So with Harod's clear conscience he signed the Bill.

So the rationale for jail for life makes perfect sense. Also homosexuality is un-African and is a product of western liberalism. So the POPE of Rome has reportedly accepted and invitation to go to Uganda to honour the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the catholic martyrs of King Mwanga II (he actually has wang in his name). These young men were in the palace of the king who could then sodomize them at his will. When the missionaries converted them to christianity and they said thanks but no thanks, the king had them killed.

So now we know the story. Homo is:
a rejection/condemnation of GOD, your dad, idealizing your mother, being an easy target for a pedophile, a choice, an act of insolence, equivalent to a rapist/pederast, environmentally unfriendly, a man willing to kill for sex, un-African, a historically bad african, a way to be canonized if you say no and are willing to die.

How could you NOT put those people in jail. The GOOD NEWS is…

The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011