Hi people im new here as of yesterday arvo. (southern hemisphere time) I found this "site" on a study my Therapist gave me to read two days ago. The study was american of 26 men who had been abused. Deep down i think i knew i wasnt alone in this but to see these mens thoughts on paper was a shock to me. What these guys described and thought was ME! Lastnight i went online and had a look through some forums here. The understanding and compassion is AMAZING. I must admit some things gave me vivid nightmares. I suppose a trigger. I think that is normal thyough. Thankyou all for being here and talking. Its noot the done thing where im from. Hence all of my female therapists. (i just finds it e3asier that way) anyway everyone TRY and stay strong and ill be reading and typing and making sence of all THIS. Thanks from Gypsy123