Sometimes on here we see nothing but painful posts from spouses (which is sooooooooo understandable. This is some crazy painful stuff) but
I wanted to share some good things as well that have been happening. I think people stop visiting the web site when life gets good so I have come back and hopefully this will give us all our little ray of hope.

Many of you know my/our story. It has been the most incredibly painful almost 4years. I mean PAINFUL, CRAZY and CONFUSING with some good times thrown in there too.

Hubby is a rape victim, sex addict and alcoholic not too mention the financial shit. I married him having no idea the shit that was going on and could have never been prepared for what I found out. There is no other word for it but TRAUMATIZING! I still suffer from PTSD from it all but am recovering finally.

Anyway, it has been a loooooooooooooooooong road. A painful road. A road that we will always be travelling (that is how it is with an addict) but we are getting so much better. Years of therapy for us both, sex addicts anon meetings for him, COSA for me, 5 days intensive at Pine Grove for sex addiction, group therapy for him, couples group therapy for us both and we are both working the 12 steps and have sponsors.

Has it been easy? F^&K NO! Is it perfect? NOpe but getting so much better. I feel hope most days. Am I afraid of him relapsing? Absolutely but I know that I will be ok.

I hope this helps someone.