Back in December my job allowed me to transfer back home to Utah from Washington to be with family as my grandma wasn't doing well and wasn't expected to live past the end of the year. I was told by my job that I could only be here for two months and then transfer back to Washington. Well, while my grandma is doing well, things have taken a turn for the worst. Two weeks ago I was fired because some coworkers had made false accusations towards me, and I am in the process of appealing the termination. Human Resources says that 12 coworkers said I was using profanity and making racial comments about another coworker. One coworker claimed I sent him some racial remarks in text messages. I do not know his phone number and I am going to get a record of everyone who I have called or sent texts to for the last two months. His number will not be on that list. When I told my managers back in Washington about this, they were shocked. They told me to appeal and request to be transferred back to
Washington as they will take me back.

In addition to me losing my job, I was just told by my dad that he is kicking me out in two weeks. I cannot stay with any other family members and I have nowhere else to go. I may have enough money to get by for a month or two.

A couple of days ago I applied for unemployment, but I was told it could take about a month before I find out how much money--if any--I will get. Should I tell them I am now homeless? I didn't know when I applied that I was going to be kicked out.

Furthermore, I found out that there may be a mistake on my Utah W-2, and they are looking into see why I have not received a W-2 from Washington as well. On the bright side, at least I have not filed my taxes yet, so I will have a little more money coming in.

In addition, I do have a job interview on Thursday at Taco Bell. Not the best job, but at least it is a job. In the meantime I will keep looking for a better job as well as try and get my old job back. But do I stay in Utah or go back to Washington? I do still have belongings up there and I am sure I am still a Washington resident as I cannot get a Utah ID because I have no documents to prove resistancy since I was supposed to be here only two months.