UPDATE: Psychiatrist listened to my tales of withdrawal and said it sounds to him like my underlying symptoms are still there and I still need this shit - that I have a persistent and serious anxiety disorder and might well be on klonopin forever. Either forever or until I reach a point in my life where it will be okay for me to go 4-5 nights without sleeping and in no way face any career or family consequences..... yyyyyeah.

So, we've turned our eyes on the Wellbutrin now. I seriously don't think I need this anymore. When I get depressed, there's no mistaking the feeling, it's like I'm so miserable there's a black cloud over my brain and I can't even see properly, like I'm not fully conscious. I'm nowhere near there now.

And I want to progress off SOME OF THIS SHIT. So congratulations, antidepressant, you're next to get voted off the island.

Since Wellbutrin is a slow-released drug, there is no weaning. You cannot take pill fragments - it's all or nothing. Psych was extremely firm on this: just finish my current scrip and then don't refill it. Instant cold turkey is the only way he will approve.

Should get there in about 4 more days. Here's hoping....


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