the other day, i was in the middle of prayer,
and i asked god...
what can i possibly offer you?
i have nothing to give.
you have everything.
you are the creator of the universe.
you are perfect and complete.
you power is magnificent and infinite.
what do you want from me?
what do you need from me?

i heard a voice, still and small.
can god worship himself?
can god obey himself?
can god thank himself?
can god love himself?

god gave me the gift of life and the capacity to love.
he also gave me the choice and freedom to rebel and reject his love.
he wants my praise, obedience, and gratitude.
it must be given freely, voluntarily and sincerely.
it must be given with love, or it has no value.

i WANT to worship, obey, and thank my creator,

because i LOVE him, i want to please him.
because i FEAR him, i accept his correction.
because i TRUST him, i take his direction.
following the rules becomes a pleasure.
my duty becomes my desire.