Hi y'all,

I was told long ago from at least three reliable sources that healing forms of touch would be good for me. I was specifically told that if I could find a sleeping partner (no sex), it would be good for me. That was 9 years ago.

I've tried all kinds of healing touch modalities (Reiki, Healing Pathways, Quantum Touch) and have had trouble with triggers. So far, there has always been at least one woman in these groups who will seem to use me emotionally to compensate for her crappy relationship. I have trouble setting boundaries on this dynamic. Leaving has been all that's worked so far, but that leaves me isolated. The groups I went to didn't encourage open communication at this level at all. It's often quite subtle but the effect on me can be powerful. Men don't generally relate this way at all. Men-only healing touch groups don't seem to exist. My efforts to find a female sleeping partner (paid or not) have met with very limited results too. They just don't seem to be interested in a connection that is primarily about mutual healing.

Recently I've been looking into "Cuddle Party" (see: www.cuddleparty.com). Have any of you explored this approach to healthy human relations? What else have you found that works?



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