Minus the "prince boy" part, you word for word share the exact same predicament that I have. The ONLY thing that has ever worked for me is to get close to that individual as a person. I'm pretty damned shy around women when it comes to romance too. I do enjoy sex, but the anxiety of having to make any kind of approach overwhelms me. I don't think I'm all that attractive, but I hear all the time from friends "You'd definitely get a girl if you had more confidence, you're more fit and better looking than all of us, you have nothing to NOT be confident about". The thing is, I don't lie well and I don't censor myself well. I'm pretty much a "what you see is what you get" type person, and dating seems like a game that's fundamentally built on dishonesty.

Part of the problem is I assume rejection. Another part is that I second guess and overanalyze if I'm really attracted that strongly to those women or if I'm just trying to get laid. As one of my best friends said to me though, "See, that's a defense mechanism! You're using that to defeat yourself before you could every even put yourself out there to experience rejection". He was absolutely correct.

Sometimes we don't know when we fall for people, other times it couldn't be more obvious. This happened to me with a girl I worked with in college where I thought she was attractive, but didn't necessarily feel anything more than that. As our relationship grew though, I realized that something had changed. I've never ever gotten turned on from a girl just holding my hand and putting her head on my shoulder, and right in that moment it was just this "whoa, that was unexpected" moment, so I did what I usually do when I get emotionally close to people. I put a barrier around myself. Told myself "you work together, have the same friends, and live in the same dorm. You shouldn't date, what if things get ugly"?

Another time a girl brought one of her female friends to a party, and I don't think I've ever, before or since, been so attracted to somebody at first glance. Unfortunately, the girl who brought her to the party ended up cock blocking me when I made my move and that was the end of that. But still, that's ONE time in 26 years. Also keep in mind that as survivors of sexual abuse, things work differently for us. Sex is something that we might interpret as dangerous or shameful, so we might isolate or emotionally castrate ourselves in attempts to stay "safe".

If I can make one suggestion though, take 15-20 minutes and try listening to this. You might find it helpful to apply to your everyday life.