this message goes out to anyone who prays,
and i mean anyone who reads this,
anywhere in the world...
whether website member or not, survivor or not...

brothers and sisters,
i respectfully request and sincerely suggest and humbly hope that you include me
plus all survivors and victims of sexual abuse in your prayers every day.

help us heal.

please say a little one for us right now, before you forget.
please ask god to grant us power and wisdom and strength and stamina and determination to recover our lost love.

we have been spiritually damaged,
our souls have deep wounds,
and in some cases,
this trauma has caused demoralization, destabilization and demonization.

we need deliverance in a big way!

i believe in the power of prayer!

dear fellow survivors,

if you think this is foolishness, futility, folly or fairy tales,
if you feel god is false, flawed, fake or fraud,
please ignore this request.

if this is ludicrous and laughable, please restrain yourself, and refrain from ridicule, and contain your criticism.

if this offends you, i cannot possibly understand why, but i beg your forgiveness.

if you do not believe in spirit, prayer cannot hurt you.
if you hate religion and resent being prayed for, prayer is less likely to help you, but it is still a gift of good will.

i need this.