Soccerstar, I too have experienced the snnoying side effects od different antidepressants, I first started with Cipralex ans the first week or so I really enjoyed how it "slowed" me down and seemed to slow if not shut down a lot of me feelings and anxieties and allowed me to have a long, slow look at my life without feeling anxious and rushed and I was able to start talking to my spouse and counselor about problems. But then my sex drive started to drop and things got worse. My spouse thought it "was her" but it had nothing to do with her, it was a mix of the meds and my subconscious fears of recalling the abuse and I reverted back to only being able to sexually satisfy myself by masturbation like I did for many years as I only trusted myself to not hurt or humiliate myself even though I had absolutely no reason to suspect my spouse would do so. So I switched to Effexor and things got better for a couple of weeks then the lost erections during sex returned and only masturbation worked and trust me, I needed the release of ejaculation, I have become dependant on it as a nightly ritual for my relief and release and my treat of feeling good about myself and anger was actually setting in that this now seemed to be getting taken away from me. So I switched to Wellbutrin. I had tried it briefly while on Cipralex but found the combination made me paranoid and it still does a bit but my psychiatrist has put me on clonazepam to offset the anxiety and for the most part my sex life is back to normal. I was extremely horny for a couple of weeks at first, was hoping it would last because I enjoyed wanting to have sex two or three times a day but it didn't last and now that I am in some intense therapy I am again experiencing some difficulties but it has more to do with the memories being stirred up but I need to face them and deal with them, not bury them deeper so they can rot away at my soul and turn me into more of the asshole I never wanted to become. Angry sex for relief is not good, although I am dependant on the release, kind of like a routine or drug, it is almost better to jerk off when angry so there are no bad feelings towards anyone else and avoiding it only made me more irritable and wanting to seek revenge on my perp while on the other hand it terrifies me to think about seeing him again. I have even been using Viagara on and off for a few years and with the intense therapy even that has little effect on my performance and can be embarrassing, I am just glad I have an understanding spouse.