These are my bible study notes from Wednesday & Thursday
they are the notes I take during class. There have been a fair amount of great responses on my Facebook page and a page I share at work .The point of this thread is to simply share the teaching I get with anyone willing to listen.These lessons have greatly strengthened my walk my faith and these teachings have helped in many areas of addictions from alcohol drugs and pornography and have influenced my healing from sexual abuse . God has used this ministry to bring me out of all of these things. May they be a blessing


Be warned you may be inspired by what you read . you may get offended & if that is the case
let me apologize right now because that is not and will never be my intent. My post are meant for reflection & self examination. If you do not agree with my post or my faith that is fine everyone is at a different place in their life & also has the right to believe in what they want . I will not argue or debate i just want to share what i feel the holy spirit directs me to write. If you feel it is not for you than that is just fine but if it touches you and causes you to reflect and take inventory of your life that is also great . I also believe god gives us all we need to overcome our situations & circumstances .He gives us all we need to accomplish this . It is up to us to do the work. i always try to be honest & come with the truth and yes it hurts sometimes so brace yourself . if you can not handle it than stop now
and turn back. if you disagree with it that is fine feel free to make your own thread please do not read if
you do not take into consideration what this disclaimer explains . now it is on you . peace & blessings and may you be blessed and inspired to go to work

Bible Study (notes) 9/8/2013

There are things to be working on in our spiritual life every single day.I can not do the finished work of Christ if i am consumed with self. We have because of God ,if you are indeed  faithful over few things God will give you more and not just material things but spiritual things.Working and walking in our spiritual is minute by minute hour by hour.I can not be a good steward and be selfish but selfless.I should not be carrying things from last year into this year .If i was doing the work than the things that did hinder me from last year would not be brought into the new year.When you are consistant enough the things from last week that hindered you should not be bleeding into the new week because you should access the hindrances and than quickly handled them.You really have to know yourself and your weaknesses so you can properly access your situation. You have to be very real with yourself not fake if you are being fake and not honest you are just wasting your time this is wasted efforts selfish efforts.Be selfless and be honest .Do not go to the alter without sincerity in your heart .Be mindful who we are and what direction we are going spiritually.Live a life of gratitude .You can not do the work for someone else you can pray with others to help them along the way but in the end they have to do the work.Everyone has their own work to do some do not have as much work to do in their life because some people have not made a huge mess out of their life.Some people have not made a mess of their life and been in the mire and rut of things so i have to not worry about someone else's life and the work they have to do when it becomes a hindrence to me.You are more free in Christ than in sin. We think that living in sin is somehow freeing  but in actuality if you think about it this is a mirage it is not real it only has the appearance of freedom but in the end it ends in chains and bondage and ultimately death whether it be physical mental and most definitely spiritual death .There is freedom in and through Christ Jesus do not be misled by the illusion that sin is freedom .All you have to do is look at your life and the chains that sin has brought into your life in order to realize this truth.
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