It is sad, I have talked of my abuse and I have learned others have suffered CSA and been silent. For the New Year I sent to friends, and I posted here, my reflections of 2013 and where I have been. A friend who I have only known for a short time responded to my reflections. He once briefly told me of his nephew who was abused but not the whole story. The nephew took his life and later his mother took her life--she was controlled by the community and their families intolerant, ignorant and controlling beliefs. Looking beyond and the reality of her sons abuse could not be accepted. The nephew and his mother lived in a religious community and the community and family controlled their life. Two tragedies from CSA--a child who became a man and then a mother.

It made me realize there are so many instances of CSA and the devastating effects. Talking about it helps to make the reality of this abuse real to many. Sadly, it supports the one in six. It also has given me support and compassion from many. Silence is our worse enemy--we need to talk and we need to support--be it the victim or a caring and compassionate supporter. Those that do not support can listen but until they are ready they we need to say goodbye until they can open their mind to us--we should not waste our time trying to heal with these people.