Although my experience is not quite an analogue to yours, I have a long history of taking ADHD meds. I was on Ritalin from middle school on through high school for a condition many claim doesn't exist. In my case it certainly does exist---and I'm helped by medication not as a party pill or study drug, but a "keep me focused on the task" drug. That said, once out of college, I felt I should stop taking them and learn to manage life's twists and turns without pharmacological assistance.

I had mixed results.

After acknowledging the CSA, I surveyed my life and its stressors and found I wasn't dealing with it very well. My T agreed and quickly detected the unchecked ADHD traits that were interfering with any kind of CSA recovery. Reluctantly, I began taking ADHD meds once again. Admittedly, the meds do help keep me in balance.

No, I don't necessarily want to take them indefinitely, but I DO want to get to a place where I can back off and eventually stop the meds. Being circumspect about medication has led me to think that perhaps there's an "ideal" time to stop medication (as your own T originally suggested). Consider also that there is likely an "optimal" time to stop medication. They are semantic siblings, but they mean very different things.

I'm confident you'll instinctively know when the optimal time arrives.


I've got this life
And the will to show
I will always be
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