Italy has had history of forceful and very strong implementation of Convention for children protection (very overprotective toward children and aggressive in practice against "problematic" families). It has been seen as the best country for children to be raised because of such practice.

But as all legal systems and administrations there are mistakes, flows and bad examples. This case is outraging people and it is very obvious why.

The main issue for me is would person with pedo tendencies be allowed to work further with children, are there more similar judge's decisions (are there similar "mistakes and vulnerabilities" shown in decision making process) and is it victim willing to go to some other instances (if not in Italy than for example European Court of Human Rights which has power over all national legal systems of all European countries).
Going to European Court of Human Rights could be long process as all national legal mechanisms need to be tested before but at the end it gives guaranties that standards for human rights internationally recognized are equally implemented in different countries. In this case obviously that didn't happen - child wasn't protected as it should primary needed to be according to data that we have.

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