Hi Ken,

Just saw this post. KT, I agree completely! It's way too easy to do all this sort of thing for someone else, be it a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or that stranger you haven't met yet. Those are all the wrong reasons.

Ultimately, everything a survivor does in the way of growth should be for himself, first and foremost. If it's done with an eye toward benefitting others as well, that's great-- but first, it has to be for you, and motivated by you.

Our society dictates all sorts of things we're "supposed" to be. This isn't much different from "keeping up with the Joneses." Some of us have spent far too much time trying to be what some other person out there wants/needs/expects us to be, but I think it's much healthier to establish your very own standards and then live up to them. Never do it for someone else. So Ken, good for you!


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