about a month ago I did a little search for a new therapist because I moved. I had a list of choices and had them ranked in order. The first one was available and i spoke with her briefly on the phone and decided to try.

I've seen her for four weeks now. One the very first visit she commented that I seem to be troubled by my abuse and that i had more work to do. I was suprised. Me? I have spent years in therapy with 2 very good therapists. But I saw the truth in her statement even in that first session. She said that I could be "healed". I always thought that I could only be kind've healed. I can truly be a survivor and not a victim. I noticed that I still have this "victim mentality".

then I started (recovery) all over again.....getting books, searching on-line, all that good starting stuff. I realized that I missed a whole lot of stuff. and the one thing i noticed I never thought of, or tried: was to get "survivor group therapy"....or also a forum like this one.

So I have found a group.
I have checked out books and read stories by survivors
I have been looking at this whole part of my life with the help of the eyes of my new therapist.

Even though i have been a bit down, apathetic, for a while and still, I am feeling charged by these recent events.

hopefully this website will provide for a part of my healing.