The moderator team has decided that this thread has run it's course and will be closed at this time. There were a number of concerns that members of the MaleSurvivor community have expressed, those concerns have been carefully considered in this action including the insensitive dismissal of a survivor's struggle and unsettling comments that were offered in misunderstanding that slighted the transgendered community.

We are encouraged that some of the remarks were corrected by the posters to reflect a greater tolerance and understanding. Within these strong opinions, we applaud those who elevated the conversation by focusing on support rather than division, who expressed their assertive thoughts without hostility. Above all, this is a place for all members to feel safe. We want to be very clear that MaleSurvivor supports with full respect and dignity all survivors without bias nor prejudice.

This topic is closed and it cannot be opened in this nor any other public forum within the site. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Moderator Team
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