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TRIGGERS - Rape, rape jokes

Here is a real lump-in-throat case study:

Part 1: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/diary-of-a-male-rape-victims-father-hesaid/

Part 2: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-conte...art-two-hesaid/

As a parent and survivor it is horrifying to read - the questions that this father must confront, he finds to be baffling and I find them more radioactive, unthinkable.

Spoiler alert: the young man is lucky to have (apparently) ideal parents, who support and comfort him. A gay college student, he was raped while drunk by a "friend-with-benefits" with whom he had had consensual sex several times before.

There are some aspects to this story that strike me as a little odd. I know the spectrum of human psychology is tremendously broad, and some people really are more resilient, more resistant to trauma than others, and that there are different "tick boxes" in any sexual assault which will alter the amount of trauma from the outset. HAVING SAID ALL THAT.... the victim in this story sure seems to bounce back quickly. Maybe he was putting on his best face so as not to alarm his parents, maybe dad played up junior's courage in his story to make it easier for himself to accept. Regardless of reasons, it just seems strange. Partner rape is very much a real thing and should not be expected to be something that victims can "get over", let alone so quickly.

What do you guys think?

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