I'm very upset and traumatized right now. I have posted on this forum before and I was molested by my father when I was 8.

Luckily I have a friend that I can confide in and I told him what happened.

But I would like to get the advice and opinions of other CSA survivors on this.

I'm very emotionally distraught now and what this girl (or MTF transgendered person) did to me I believe should be a crime.

I was talking to this girl which I met online for abt 4 weeks. She was very attractive and no signs that she was not a natural born female. The first time we had sex it was rushed and I didn't really have time to notice anything different. But last night she came over and we went out to eat and came back and had sex twice. She stayed over and left in the morning. Obviously she was a post op transsexual. I won't go into detail but I can now say 100% that it was not a real woman. I know women and how they are with me sexually and I counted a dozen odd clues that point to the fact that this was not a real woman so please take my word for it.

Needless to say as a heterosexual man I am horrified to have learned this and very distraught. I was tricked I feel and if she told me in the beginning then that would have been fair and I could have made a decision but this way that she did it was very wrong in my opinion

Can I get some opinions from the board? My friend who is a good friend but also a party animal and has admittedly spent with a few himself was not that much support and kind of defended her even. It was good that I talk to him but he's also not very mature and capable of helping beyond that.

Please help. I plan on telling my therapist in a week. I'm feeling disgusted right now I even made myself puke today I was so mortified by what I found out.

Thank you.