Esposa, he does read but I have suggested these kinds of books before along with this website. This man truly believes that he is better off behind his mask. I get it that it gets worse before better and drudging this all up can really suck for a long while. There is really not much more I can do or should do for that matter. I wish I would just accept it. I'm afraid for him though that "leaving" the friendship behind will be truly more damaging to him. I just haven't figured out how to be the friend "from afar." I dont want him to think I am his crutch yet I can see that my actions still shown that I am willing to be that crutch. And thats because i miss him and am afraid NOT to be a part of his life. Takes me back to your comment of how much does it scare me if i say "YOU WILL GO TO THERAPY OR I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN". That scares the heck out of me. Not to mention that i have to face him every day at work.

Well hopefully the therapist on Tuesday can shed some light for me. I was thinking of asking him if he just wanted to take a ride to her office with me even if he doesnt go in. Too much??