Well Fb, unfortunately finding therapy (much less asking my parents to pay for private), isn't an option. I've tried counselling and that didn't work. However if genophobia and touch is such is such an issue what about all those women from F&F who talk about their significant others having such? how the hell did they get together? I know comparison is bad, but frankly I'm just pissed off, since it seems everyone in the entire world gets this at some point, at some time, accept me! and nothing I can do with me helps! nothing I do with other people or anyone helps.
Everyone's full of complements, indeed just a couple of weeks ago I was told "oh you'll end up with someone your too nice" and "why don't you have a girlfriend, you just too good not to" yet bugger all has ever happened!

And no, as I said I am quite aware relationships don't solve everything, but it seems the only way to improve at something like touch and physical intimacy is to do it, and that's just what I can't do since I have nobody to communicate with in that way, for all people are always telling me how nice I am!

Frankly I am just sick of this, and sick of feeling utterly helpless to change it.

AsI said, therapy isn't really an option since I doubt I could get it on the health service, I can't afford to go private myself, and I really don't want to ask my parents, so I suppose I'm just stuck!