i reject christmas.
i have my spiritual and emotional reasons.

it has pagan origins, rituals and customs.
it has mutated into a crass, commercial cash cow.
these facts, alone, did not bother me,
but i have nothing but miserable memories.
terrible times, that i would like to forget.
family members i choose to avoid.

however, my wife loves all the rituals,
and cares nothing about the roots.
she loves shopping, wrapping, and decorating,
no matter how stressful it gets.

ever since we had children,
i have been forced to endure the whole charade.

as a dad, i tried to bury my bad feelings,
but depression is difficult to deny.
still, we have managed to manufacture some good winter solstice memories.
but the new memories have not negated the old ones.

with all the advertising already started,
i can feel that familiar feeling sinking in.
time to put on a brave face for the family smile

pardon my humbug, but i am scrooge and grinch all in one.
the high grand climax/xmas/yule/saturnalia/bacchanalia/gody/lohri/chaomos/lena/polo voladore/tohji-taisai/makar sankranti/dies natalis solis invicti/kwanzaa/hanukkah/weihnachten/sylvester...
whatever you want to call the mid-winter festival...
is not my favourite time of the year.