dear mattheal,

i have thought long and hard about your post.

i want to reply so that you do not feel ignored, but i really don't know how to respond.
i am not certain what exactly angered you,
and some of what you said was deleted.

what was in the words in quotes that you object to?

"What I have discovered during our ordeal is that Jesus didnt desert our children when they were going through the abuse. Instead He held their hand and cried with them. He also gave them the courage to speak out and He provided the children with people who would look after them and love them no matter what."

these words provide me with comfort.

i cannot answer for god, or explain why anything happens,
but i guarantee you, i know what abandonment and betrayal feels like.
i have blasphemed and cursed and questioned my creator many times.
i always took my complaints straight to the top.
i am searching for solutions and strategies for spiritual survival.

your anger is yours, and you have a right to it.
i am not sure how i can improve your mood, but i wish i could.

if you are just venting,
that is ok, too.

please accept my good will and intentions.