i was very surprised to find out that alice cooper is still performing, although the singer is at the ripe old age of 65.
it was not a very well promoted concert, and up until i got the call to work the show, i had not even heard about it.
it was poorly attended, and it was in a smaller size hockey arena miles away from the city.
it was a lot different from when i first attended cooper concerts as a fan in the 1970's.
when i first started working cooper shows, they were still booking the big shows at our best venues.
some of the kids working with me DID NOT KNOW WHO THE BAND WAS.
i was a bit shocked, but their memories of theatrical horror music went only as far back as marylin manson.
at 52, i should not feel so old smile

it was sad and ironic to listen to them close the show with the timeless(?) song ... eighteen.

it was weird and kind of sad, watching a 65 year old man singing about teenage angst.
speaking of teenage... they actually covered "generation" by the WHO.

the band was great.
the gags were awesome.
the singer was in great shape.