Hi, I'm new here and apologies this might be triggering for most people.
I haven't been able to sleep for the last while now as a result of the memories that have came to the forefront of my mind. They are all I can think about.
I was abused when young, rubbing genitals through clothes and kissing. But the real sucker punch for me is that I repeated these actions on my much younger brother when about 13\14. I hate myself so much for it. I really want to apologize and make the world as right for him as it can possibly be in this situation.. tell him to put all the blame on me, know I was sick in the head then, not to feel a victim etc
However I still think he has repressed the memories (just as I had done) so I don't really want to also bring the the forefront of his thoughts out of the blue as I don't think that's fair either.
I'm so lost atm, I'd really appreciate your advice on how best to approach this situation?

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