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I'm just me, end of story.


Every time you say that, it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.

Everyone has some experience with too much conformity, even if they don't admit it at first. If one gets beyond the initial social cues and gets closer to someone, the less immediate importance they have.

It seems to me that the difficulty in life is being honest enough with yourself that you feel comfortable sharing personal pain with someone else. Although it can overwhelm people who are not ready for it, there is also good reason to assume that others will recognize not only who we are, end of story, but some of the painful parts of that story. Learning how to do that in ways that that work is a process of trial and error, happening in fits and starts.

I found the above book helpful, but as Harvey recommends, at a certain point took what worked and left the rest. As your moniker suggests and reminds, empathy is an important part of being human. Although I don't think it's possible to expect it everywhere, holding the hope for it has helped me go on.

Lose the drama; life is a poem.