I don't know what masculine even means accept for negative and sterriotyped and shalow, everyone I've met who tries to be "a man" just strikes me as a moron, just as people who do things because they are "a woman" all the people I most admire in relationship terms are just decent people, gender or not, but it doesn't seem to work like that for me.

So maybe this is the wrong book on that score.

Indeed on sterriotypical gender lines I am probably a little closer towards the feminine end, for all I do have some masculine trates like being a perfectionist, though I don't particularly think of myself as either, I'm just me, end of story.

I am straight, indeed I've often thought if I was gay or at least by I'd get on better since then at least the sterriotypes of not being able to play the signals game wouldn't matter, but unfortunately that's not the case.