Sorry for the delay in replying. I am at home right now, and my time online is greatly reduced versus when I am at work. Below is the link to the .pdf.

If you are concerned about being gendered, this is probably not the book to you. If you simply don't know how to be masculine in a positive way, then this is definitey the book for you.

This book has been crucial to me developing normal relationships. Not just romantic. It improved my relationship with my mother, my father, my sister, my daughter, my wife, my ex, my pastor, my best friend. All of them, separately.

Use your best judgement on this book, but try to be open to the possibility that your view of what the author says may be skewed by the CSA you suffered.

I learned so much positive from this book. I hope it offers the same to you.
I am not defined by what is done to me. I am defined by the choices I make.

My story:

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