If there is an online pdf version could you please post a link? One of the problems with books is getting them in a form i can read, (this is why I've not even read mike Loo's victims no longer), because they're not usually available, and while I could! theoretically pay someone I don't particularly want to recovery.

I tend to be suspicious of very gender biased books, mostly because I don't particularly identify myself with all the masculine sterriotypes, (I was once recommended the men are from mars books but the very assumption of those just puts me off and if I'm pissed off with an author for their sexist attitude it's not likely I'll take their advice).

This is indeed why a lot of the advice sites I've looked at don't apply, since usually they boil down to "don't be a scumbag" and "don't do all the stupid masculine sterriotype things like toilet humour or put downs or what not"

Well I don't do either of those so what is the problem?