It appears the concern is to do with members' privacy. I certainly do not want to pressure or force anyone to share beyond what they are comfortable.

My project is not something that everyone will want to participate in.

That's why I created tiers of sharing...

The first tier is simply to anonymously share a dream of yours. The dream text scrolls across the top of the screen. No other information about you is shared.

The second tier is to share a post with an optional image. After it is moderated, your words and image will be shared. No other information about you is shared.

The third tier, which I am working on developing, involves the video project which also would help rally support for you and your dreams... Obviously this is a more intensive form of sharing, and it won't be something that everyone will want to do. I understand, respect and appreciate that.

I want you to know that I take the confidentiality and privacy of my fellow survivors very seriously. I do not want to put you in harms way. AND I think for some of you, this might be a wonderful opportunity to open up, share your dreams and some of your story. And perhaps, to receive some support from others in living your dreams.

If you choose to participate, you choose how much to share. Yes, it is a different type of space, because we are communicating and connecting with survivors, but also with the public... but there's hope and potential for support in that as well. Someone may see your dream and be moved. Someone may hear your story and want to help. What remains in silence can not grow, heal and receive nourishment. How much do we survivors suffer because of public misconception and lack of understanding? How many times have you been afraid to lose a friend? How many of us have tried to get support but found it hard to find? And how much does public ignorance on childhood sexual abuse cost the children of today?

The key aspects of this project are informed, prior consent, your choice on how much to share, and that I too am a fellow survivor who is walking my own road to recovery (I'm not a white-coated researcher peering in from the outside).

I hope this clarifies my intention and process. And I wish everyone well in their recovery!

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