This is one of the most disturbing articles I've ever read about sexual abuse.


It's a reminiscence from a man who, at age 20, was targeted by Randy Kraft, "The Scorecard Killer." Possibly the most prolific serial killer in American history, Kraft specialized in abusing men. Befriending, beguiling, drugging, raping, torturing, mutilating, and killing them. He is believed to have raped and murdered nearly 70 men, nearly all of them over 20 years old. The oldest was 35. He had a special preference for Marines. No, really. Most of his victims were straight adult men with military combat, self-defense, and weapons training.

The author describes Kraft as utterly spellbinding, magnetic and irresistible - the kindest person he'd ever met. They hit it off SO well, in fact, that the author admits that as an arrow-straight 20-year-old with no interest in males whatsoever, he had to fight himself to not give into the notion that he ought to at least try sex with Kraft, who had been so kind and affectionate to him and who was so clearly smitten by him.

As a window into how predators can target those whom society thinks of as the strongest and safest among us, and how the emotional confusion wrought by perps is strikingly consistent across all victim age groups - it just chills the blood.

(oh and, he had an accomplice who was never found - did I mention it was scary?)


EDIT: Small world... one of our very own members here was a survivor of this abomination. That person no longer posts here but I hope he gained some comfort and healing from as many therapeutic resources as possible, and that MS was a net help overall. Wherever he is now, I am thinking of him.

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