thanks for the advice, but I really don't know, all of this just sounds alien. Most is just what I would count as being a friend, listening to someone, paying attention to them and what they are feeling, trying to help if they need it, heck just engaging in conversation! no different to what I would do with a man really.
I don't even know what "ask someone out" means, as I said I've been "out!" with girls plenty of times, just getting a drink, meeting for a chat or whatever, but it's never gone further, and I don't really know how to get it further, I just wish if as you said any woman I'm friends with is interested in some way (a fact which I frankly find dubious), they'd dam well just tell me!

I hate being male and having all the first move stuff put on me! it's so not bloody Fair!

I also don't know why does all advice boil down to "don't be a scumbag!" Well, I'm not! or at least I try not to be and judging by all those complements women keep giving me I presume I'm doing something right.

Why the hell! wasn't I born a girl, or at least why can't relationship chemistry work for men like it does for women!

What scares me is if this continues not to work, one day I'll just pay a prostitute out of well morbid curiosity, like wondering what happens if you pick off that scar, and even assuming my genophobia will let me go through with it I dread to think how I'd feel afterwards.

Sorry harvy, this isn't a good day and I'm frankly just sick of this hole dam thing. If I could burn out whatever part of my brain has that desire for an intimate connection with a woman I'd do it, it's stupid and gives me nothing and like an idiot I still keep harming myself with it. I still hate the fact I'm 30 and never had a girlfriend or even kissed anyone, despite the fact that probably %70 of my friends are! female.

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