Thank you for the kind words of support guys.

Still just got off the phone with his father, to see how Daddy Dearest's wife is doing with her chest-pains. "oh...she's super...twas nothing uttall" he replied. "Probably your cooking" Still quipped. <silence>

The father asked "so....what's up?" "Oh...nothing...I missed Son's birthday, as in 'not allowed to be there'" Still replied. Dead-silent phone time...but Still is not uncomfortable with that any longer. He just glares with 'attitude' at whatever wall he happens to be facing. That same dead look he give to anything that would cause a 'normal' to 'flip-shit-burgers,' as he likes to say.

"Oh! Yeah! That's right! His birthday is now. I'll have to send a card or something. How old will he be?" Still shifts deeper to his undertaker's-voice and reminds him that "Son's birthday has only been this date for the past 14 years."

The father seems to think for a moment; "Yeah....well....I'm usually away this time of year; hunting."

Still will not respond. He knew! He knew to not expect his father to appreciate that Still had been shunned from an event for his own ultra-beloved son. He knew to not expect ... anything really.

His stare turned into a sorta flashback...sorta-reminder...yer the reason I could not seek rescue! YOU are the reason I never felt proper love from a parent. You are the reason I ran to the perps for being useful, valued, needed, wanted. You are why I felt comfortable and warm in the bed of the chief perp.

"Tell Son he'll see a card from me soon" the voice said...waking Still out of his trance. "OK" Still replies..."talk to you later."