It is so sad he is excluded his family from his life due to the ignorance of others. Sadly ignorance is found at all levels, families, friends, medical , legal. The abused has been abused a lifetime and it continues in his family and the judicial and medical systems.

My heart goes out to him and everyone who continues to be tormented by and years after the csa.

Obi thank you for reminding all of us of the personal agonies suffered from csa. I too have lost much. Items the children made for me were thrown out, pictures missing and being told I lost them, personal papers ransacked, and so much more like you and Still have lived. I was the one to save the mementos when others were throwing everything out. I cherished these items but they are all gone now. I suspect others are holding now realizing the sentimental value they hold. I hope one day it is over and bitterness and ignorance end.